• Claire Coder

6 ways to reduce burn as an entrepreneur

When I was first starting out, this was the REAL advice that I needed- how to reduce my burn and earn more while I was spending. During the first two years of Aunt Flow, I was paying myself virtually nothing.... Like actually nothing. Here are some tips on how to make your capital most efficient, regardless what stage of business you are in.

1.Giant Eagle Market District is the prime place for a late night hustle session and for endless free wifi.

That’s right, they are open 24/7 and they don’t force you off the wifi every hour. Additionally, they have a solid lunch buffet and a Starbucks hook-up right down stairs.

2. While you may be thinking that Bob Evans is just a morgue for after-church-goers and grandparents,

their bottomless drinks and wifi create for the perfect startup headquarters.

Disclaimer: Plugging in at Bobs for hours and slurping your fifth refill of hot chocolate for $1.99 really pisses off your waiter, so make sure to tip well and use this location sparingly. Don’t be that guy.

3. Canva will be your graphic designer for the first year of business.

I still use Canva for any graphic design needs. I actually received a personal email from the company notifying me that I am one of their most active users. #goals

4. Kroger gives away a free item every friday with their Kroger app.

When you live as a broke entrepreneur, you take what you can get.

5. Always make sure to pre-print your postage online.

Ditch the lines at the post office, and save yourself some dollars. Stamps.com offers some great pricing and services if you are shipping goodies frequently.

6. Start using the Ebates Google Chrome plugin to get personal cash back for all of your business purchases.

There are other awesome plugins like Honey to keep you SAVING.

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