Claire Coder
Claire Coder
Claire Coder


My name is Claire Coder.


I am 22-years-old and I am a proud college drop out. I started my first business, a promotional products company, at age 16. In just two years, I was able to grow the business to employ eight independent distributors, sell in boutiques across the midwest, and sell internationally online.


The button company sparked my passion for building companies - I dropped out of college to launch Aunt Flow.  Headquartered in Ohio, Aunt Flow ensures every bathroom outside the home is stocked with freely accessible menstrual products. Four years of grit and hustle has positioned Aunt Flow to sell to hundreds of companies and schools, raise venture capital from top firms, and give back 500,000 menstrual products to people in need.


In hindsight, the decision to leave university to launch Aunt Flow made complete sense. Being a drop out in Ohio with a vision and no money, I was forced to test my grit to make my dreams a reality - nude modeling to pay the bills, getting fired from 2 waitressing jobs, instructing fitness classes for side cash.  


I share my story openly and I definitely don't pretend that this is easy.


EXPERTISE: Creating period puns, channeling Beyonce, getting businesses press, developing brands, and making people comfortable when talking about menstruation.